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Learning Tree Private Cloud Course: What Do You Think?

We are in the early stages of development for our upcoming course title tentatively named “Building a Private Cloud: Hands-on”. The course will be written by Arnold Villeneuve. Yours truly will be on-board as a technical editor.

That gives me the opportunity to blog about the course as it goes from inception through to first public delivery. So, as the course development unfolds I will write about it here. Any comments that are made will be incorporated into the development process. That gives you, the prospective student, an opportunity to influence what will ultimately become the course. Pretty exciting stuff, eh? I know I am excited!

At this point we are looking over various possible course outlines. We have a pretty good idea about what we want to cover in the course but nothing is yet set in stone. Our course planning meeting next week will solidify things further.

In terms of what to cover, we have many options. Let’s consider a matrix of possibilities:

Service \ Deployment Private Hybrid Community Public
IaaS  X  X    

Table 1. Possibility Matrix

So, since it is a course on private clouds, we have to at least cover the first column, right? I really do believe, however, that most people already equate private clouds with IaaS. Yes, there are definitely use cases for private PaaS (I like the Azure in a box concept) and even private SaaS, but these are less common. I think we should focus on IaaS.

But what about the second column? It is also my belief that most private clouds do not stand alone.  I think we have to cover ways in which private and public clouds can co-exist and collaborate. By definition this is a Hybrid cloud.

I think we should consider both on-premise and off-premise approaches.

I think we should cover at least two very different private cloud offerings.  Presently we are considering OpenStack and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Please tell me what you think!


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